The Courage to Be Yourself

§@ŠĖ: 奧修

The first is "freedom from", which is a freedom that comes from breaking away from restrictions imposed by outside forces such as parents, society, or religion. The next stage is "freedom for", a positive freedom that comes from embracing and creating something - a fulfilling relationship, for example, or an artistic or humanitarian vision. And lastly there is "just freedom", the highest and ultimate freedom. This last freedom is more than being for or against something; it is freedom of simply being oneself and responding truthfully to each moment.

The Insights for a New Way of Living series aims to shine light on beliefs and attitudes that prevent individuals from being their true selves. Readers are encouraged to confront what they would most like to avoid, which in turn provides the key to true insight and power. Freedom helps readers to identify the obstacles to their freedom, both circumstantial and self-imposed, to choose their battles wisely, and to find the courage to be true to themselves.

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