§@ŠĖ: Patricia Mericier
Have you ever wondered why some people look radiant and everything in their lives flows smoothly, while others seem beset by difficulties? ● Improve your health, well-being, and happiness when you revitalize the Chakrasnergy centers throughout your bodyith a range of healing practices. ● Look at each Chakra in depth, perform meditations that will enable you to visualize them in different ways, and repeat affirmations to focus the mind away from everyday thoughts. ● Understand the effects of color, sexuality, pollution, and food. ● Get beneficial responses with sound techniques, such as speaking mantras and tuning for health. ● Create balance using methods that you can study yourself or experience with a practitioner, including crystals, pendulums, Reiki, gem elixirs, and the medicine wheel. ● Strengthen the positive effects that Chakras have upon you and become more radiant, vibrant, and full of life.

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