The Mustard Seed

§@ŠĖ: Osho
This inspiring book grants us profound insights into the truly universal nature of Jesus?original teachings. The Jesus revealed here is not the Jesus preserved in the teachings of orthodoxy, but the Gnostic Jesus, who turns upside down our preconceptions about ourselves and the world. With compassion and humor, Osho presents us with a series of discourses on the Gospel of Thomas, discovered in northern Egypt in 1945 as part of the Nag Hammadi texts, and believed by many scholars to be the earliest recorded accounts of Jesus?teachings. Each of Jesus?original sayings is the eed?for a discourse for the modern seeker, encompassing all realms of human experience. Taking Jesus?words out of their narrower Christian context, Osho blends their wisdom with that of other religious traditions. The Mustard Seed will both inspire and sustain us on our own individual paths of inner transformation.

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