Unio Mystica II

Osho presents his views on war and the political mind. He offers a fresh outlook: a blueprint for cutting the roots of the destructive political mind of man, and creating a human being who wants to celebrate life.  am trying to create a space for the future to happen.r The story around Hakim Sanai, the 12th Century intrigue of a pointless military expedition, a poet and a mystic, continues from Unio Mystica I. Reading it today, there is a taste of history repeating itself. This time there is an opportunity to listen to and to welcome the aerial viewpoint of a modern mystic. Osho holds Sanai in high esteem, saying if he were to save only two books from the world of mystics, one would be from the world of Zen, the path of awareness, Sosan Hsin Hsin Ming and the other would be Hakim Sanai Hadiqa because t is the essential fragrance of the path of love. No other Sufi has been able to reach to such heights of expression and such depths of penetration.r

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