Hong Kong New Age Centre has been established since 2002. It is a spiritual and meditation centre based in Hong Kong, with the aim to enhance awareness of everyone in the society through introducing different kinds of tools, services, courses and workshops.

With the aim to serve those who are looking for spiritual growth and seeking better quality of life, we introduce different kinds of tools, consultations, courses and workshops, we also invite masters from all over the world for interactive activities, to provide opportunities for interested parties. We hope to offer spiritual inspirations and open perspectives, so participants can understand themselves more and thus in turn motivate the society in general to move towards spiritual enhancement in the new era.

As we understand different tools appeal to different people, we offer different kinds of new age related workshops, consultations and products. We hope that all parties can find their own suitable way to go back to their own centres, understand the truth of life, find their joy, and grow in all body, mind and spirit dimensions.

Our services, workshops, trainings and products include:


Hong Kong New Age Centre is wholly owned by Hong Kong New Age Limited.


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